1)The Buyer agrees that it will not contain cat / kitten in cages and aviaries.

2) It is strictly forbidden  delete  the cat / kitten phalanges.

 2)The Buyer agrees to take a good care of the cat/kitten following Breeder’s recommendations for feeding, care, etc.

3) The Buyer agrees to provide immediate medical attention to the cat/kitten when needed.

4) The Buyer agrees not to leave the cat/kitten alone, without humane attention, for prolonged periods of time.

5)The Buyer agrees to breed the cat only to cats owned by him (her). No outside stud services will be provided.

6) Buyer agrees not to sell, lease, abandon or give this cat to any pet shop, research facility, animal shelter or similar facilities, for either resale or test purposes.

7) The Cat can be resold to another owner only as a neuter or spay.

8) The Seller must be informed of any change of ownership.

9) The Cats must not be declared without written permission from the Seller.

10) Under no circumstances will the Buyer permit this cat/kitten to roam freely outdoors.

11)  Buyer agrees to keep the cat/kitten clean, healthy, and free of parasite, free of stress and harassment and well nourished.

12)  If this cat or kitten is found to be neglected or mistreated, Buyer will surrender said cat or kitten to seller unconditionally.

13)Buyer agrees that the seller may ask for a photo or a video statement to make sure that the cat is in good health, well-groomed and clean.

14) You can not pairing the female earlier than 1 year after birth.You can not pairing a female more than once every 1.5 year .

Photos or videos can ask throughout the animal's life.

I do not sell cats countries: Vietnam, Pakistan, India, Korea, China

From recent time I decided not to sell the cats in the Arab countries


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